Chia Pudding Adventure


Our four chia pudding variants are ready for your weekly snacking! Prepare to enjoy four chia pudding jars every week for 1 month (total of 4 deliveries) with free delivery! Your zero-waste set comes with one of each of the following chia pudding variants:

1) Coco Beach Chia Pudding
A fusion of sweet and tropical flavors. Plain, unsweetened chia pudding drizzled with homemade coconut-peanut butter, pineapple and date square bits.

2) Dark Chocolate Dream Pudding
Chocolate chia pudding sweetened with honey, blessed with refreshing slices of banana and topped with Davao-made tablea shavings

3) Sunshine and Chia Pudding
A bright yellow mango puree sits on top of a deep bed of coconut chia pudding. Topped with some nuts and more coconut. This one’s an all-around favorite!

4) Chocnut Chia
A chocolate peanut butter chia parfait. A tad sweeter than your Dark Chocolate dream and all the more nutty!
*Currently still a secret item on our menu

This includes:
+ 4 simple re-usable glass containers (for your zero-waste deliveries)
+ Free Delivery
+ P10 off of each Chia Pudding!

Out of stock

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