Christmas Gifting : Dark Knight Cookies


Flourless + Gluten-free + Nutrient-dense

Our all-around best-seller. It’s the cookie that has changed the game for all things healthy. Soft to the bite and eye-openingly delicious it’s a dark chocolate delight. Safe to say, you can never go wrong with this one. It’s the cookie Manila deserves and what it needs right now.

Cal  | Carb g | Fat g | Protein g (Per Cookie)

Coconut oil
Dark chocolate
Almond Meal
Coconut flour
Mixed natural nut butter
Muscovado sugar
Vanilla extract

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This is our all around best-seller in some Christmas wrapping! Same price, just a Christmassy touch! It’s a great thing to give for families, friends and even children. Gluten-free, flourless and 100% whole food powered. Choose from a pack of 4, 6 or 8. Our pack of 6 and 8 come in boxes while our pack of four is packaged in a white paper bag with ribbon.